Semi-Automatic Clutch System

If you have lost the use of a leg then a semi-automatic clutch system allows you to drive a manual vehicle.

  • The system takes over the control of the vehicles clutch and is available it two types:

  • • The syncro-drive clutch automatically controls the clutch operation for starting and stopping, a sensor is fitted into the gear nob which when covered depresses the clutch ready for changing gear when on the move.

  • • The duck clutch features a ‘duck shaped’ gear nob with a lever which controls the complete clutch operation. With this system greater varied control over the clutch is possible (great for off-roading etc.) but the starting and stopping procedure also needs to be controlled by the lever.

The semi-automatic clutch system is commonly combined with a hand control to allow you to drive a manual vehicle completely by hand. It can also be combined with a left foot accelerator system to allow you to drive a manual vehicle with just your left leg.

The system can be disabled to allow the vehicle to be driven completely conventionally (NB if combined with a left foot accelerator the clutch pedal is removed making the vehicle only driveable using the semi-auto clutch system).

This product is very popular with vehicles not available in automatic, motorhomes and performance cars.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on hand controls or any disabled adaptations and our service covering the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire area. Also please contact us for any information regarding adaptations for vehicles on the Motability Scheme.