Person Lift

If you are unable to transfer from your wheelchair into your vehicle then a person lift will hoist you into the vehicle onto the original seat with little effort.

A solid post is fitted just inside the door shut onto which the hoist unit is located ready for transfer. Once the sling is hooked up, pressing the up button on the hoist will lift you out of your wheelchair, the horizontal movement into the car is then done manually with ease either by yourself or carer and then pressing the down button lowers you onto the vehicles seat. The hoist and attachments are removed and stowed away in the bag provided ready for your journey.

The person lift fits into the front passenger side of most vehicles and in many cases also into driver and mid row positions.

The person lift is a versatile product which has been proven to have many other uses such as around the home with either a wall mounted post or a mobile base.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on person lifts or any disabled adaptations and our service covering the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire area. Also please contact us for any information regarding adaptations for vehicles on the Motability Scheme.