Left Foot Accelerator

If you have lost the use of your right leg then a left foot accelerator will allow you to drive with your left leg.

Left foot accelerators are available in two versions depending on the vehicle:

A twin flip left foot accelerator is the most common type suited to all vehicles with a conventional accelerator pedal. With this system both the additional left side and original right side accelerator pedals are hinged and connected by a cable to allow only one pedal to be deployed at a time. The simple operation of pulling down the required accelerator pedal in turn folds the other pedal out of the way.

An electric left foot accelerator is suited to vehicles with a floor mounted electric accelerator pedal (eg VW, BMW). With this system an additional accelerator pedal is fitted to the left side. Both pedals are electronically connected to the vehicle and the required one is selected by a toggle switch.

Left foot accelerator systems are commonly combined with a steering aid or a secondary control system for users who are also unable to use an arm.

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