Wheelchair Transfer Swivel Seats

If you are unable to transfer from your wheelchair into your vehicle then a Carony or Traveller system combined with a swivel seat will help. These systems provide a combined wheelchair and vehicle seat solution.

The system consists of a wheelchair base with seat and a swivel mechanism fitted to the vehicle. The wheelchair base simply docks onto the vehicles swivel mechanism and by releasing a lever allows the seat and occupant to transfer in and out of the vehicle without leaving the seat. When travelling, the wheelchair base is stored in the vehicles boot, a hoist can help to load it if necessary.

The swivel seat is available in standard manual or electric versions and also lowering versions for higher vehicles. The wheelchair base is available with various wheel diameters to cater for people who either push themselves or are pushed, it’s even available as an electric powerchair. The seat and base combined make for a very comfortable wheelchair which can be used every day. Armrests come as standard and various support options are also available.

The swivel seat use the vehicles original mounting points with no modification so it can be removed and the original seat refitted with no damage to the vehicle. These systems can be fitted to most vehicles, even motorhomes.

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